There are 10 locations in Turkey are rated as excellent, like the secrets that travelers discover this place loudly amused.



Sankey is an old town, situated along the banks of the Tigris River in the province of Batman, southeast Turkey. One of the monuments attract many tourists in here are the pillars – the ruins of a stone bridge spanning the river, from the ancient tombs of the Central Asia.

Mount Nemrut


Nemrut (or Nemrud) is a mountain in southeast Turkey, about 2,134 meters high. The highlight of this place is that many large statues scattered shaped head. Many hypothesis that where the statue had previously been tombs of royal lineage, dating from the first century BC.

Lake eğirdir


The lake is surrounded by mountains, is located in the southwest of the country. This is a place many visitors enjoy coming to the summer resort. Here, you can participate in activities such as swimming, hiking and sightseeing locations from the Greek, Roman and Antioch in Pisidia like Sagalassos.

Sumela Monastery


Sumela Monastery located on the mountain near Trabzon, Trabzon province, built inside a rock at Altmdere valley, at an altitude of 1,200 m.

Sumela was established in 386 under Emperor Theodosius I. Buildings damaged each time and was different emperors to restore. Abbey current shape in the 13th century after becoming famous during the reign of Alexios III. It is also an UNESCO heritage.



Edirne is a city located in the northwest, and could be the beginning or ending of tourists to Turkey, depending on itinerary. The city has unique characteristics because of lies on the junction of the three countries Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria. Some places tourists can get to visit the Selimiye Mosque, Arasta, Eski Cami…



For those fascinated tourists each writer’s masterpiece Snow literature Nobel laureate, Orhan Pamuk, the majority are keen to visit Kars – sites are mentioned in this work. Cheese is also a specialty here.



Amasya is a city located in the north and the provincial capital of the Black Sea Amasya. Although close to the sea, but its location is quite high compared to sea level and has favorable climate for growing apples.

Lake Van


This is the country’s largest lake, with saltwater and the internal clock to save (no outlet). One of the many leisure activities tourists love coming here is to swim, explore Armenian churches, palaces Urartian. Breakfast is popular in Lake Van include cream and honey, fried eggs, goat cheese …



Safranbolu is the name of a town and a district of Karabük Province in the Black Sea region. The city wall were preserved many old houses, with 1,008 artifacts registered history, including private museums, the mosques, tombs, historic fountain, a Turkish bath, bell tower calendar use…



Iznik is the name of a town and administrative district in the province of Bursa.

The town has many lakes and is surrounded by walls built protection from Roman times. Many travelers said that this place is the ideal destination for you to get rid of the traditional flowers, hubbub of Istanbul.