Hokkaido is always good even in winter white snowy December or summer day in July under immense lavender blue sky.

Hokkaido, landmark located in northern Japan, famous for its spectacular natural landscape, with volcanoes, hot springs, the vast ski area and a wild beauty. In addition, it also has a lot of good food to “drooling” and adventure activities for those who love adventure. Here are 10 interesting activities can not miss while in Hokkaido are Skyscanner suggested.

1. Participate in Sapporo snow festival


The Sapporo Snow Festival is one of the famous festivals and the most attractive in Japan is held annually in February in Hokkaido. Guests can admire the ice sculptures crafted by artisans from around creating and simulating copy famous landmarks in the world. It gets more interesting if you enjoy the festival at night when everything is lit bright lights.

2. Boating on Lake Toya


Boating on the water beautiful calm lake Toya is active not to be missed for tourists favorite outdoor activities. In addition, you also enjoy ravishing spectacle at dawn and dusk. Do not worry if you do not know rowing because there is always a professional instructor willing to help and guide you.

3. Bath hot springs


Hot Springs is the place to look at a certain time when to Hokkaido. This is effective therapy for relaxation and harmony with nature, which helps your body metabolism and blood circulation better. You will feel very comfortable, relaxing both body and spirit. Ideally, guests should sleep a night in the hotel at the hot springs. Location Hokkaido, try to visit the village of Jozankei hot springs or mineral baths sulfur in Noboribetsu.

4. Enjoy Hokkaido cuisine


In Hokkaido no shortage of delicious food and attractions. You can try dishes such as fresh sashimi, Atka mackerel, jingisukan (roast lamb), Sapporo ramen noodles and many other dishes here. Surely you will be satisfied with a delicious taste of this dish.

5. Leave the legs in traditional Ryokan inn


If you want to learn the culture and lifestyle of Japan, you sleep a night in the Ryokan. More than just a comfortable place to rest, this is the place for you to experience the direct way of life and hospitality of the Japanese people. When renting a room, you will be offered a premium Japanese dinner.

6. Skiing in Niseko


Hokkaido is one of the best ski locations world because there are slopes and snow is quite ideal. If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, Niseko is truly the destination for you. Dubbed “ski paradise” of Japan, Niseko will give you the experience and rewarding activities on both amazing with three Annunpunri Niseko resort, Niseko Village and Grand Hirafu. Guests can easily take the bus transit to get here.

7. Enjoy the clouds atop Unkai Terrace


Kai, also known as the “sea of clouds” is a strange natural spectacle amazingly in Hokkaido. Sipping a cup of coffee and watching high above the whole scene is amazing, it was nothing.

8. Soak the middle of lavender field in Farm Tomita


If to Hokkaido in mid-July and 8, do not forget to visit the copper in Farm Tomita lavender fragrance to smell fragrant. This is the time of blooming lavender and immense stretches to the horizon. The scene of a perfect night when the field under the lights shine brightly.

9. Take a picture with the clear waters at Kamio Koike


Kamio Koike is a small pond of Lake Mashu, Kiyosato. Kaminokoike pond with a depth of 5 m and 220 m wide seems to be quite normal location in Hokkaido. However, it is especially made to make guests must visit this place is the waters crystal clear that you can not find anywhere.

10. Panoramic view from the observatory Sapporo JR


With a height of 160m, the observatory JR Sapporo is the ideal place to launch a panoramic sight of the city, particularly on very sparkling night scenery. The tower has a lot of bars, cafes and fashion boutiques for shopping devotees.