12 things not to miss when traveling in Prague

Super cheap beer prices or the beautiful architecture of the Middle Ages is what will make you spellbound as to Prague.


Walk along the Vltava: Tired of crowds and too sore feet because of the rocky path after a few days in Prague, take a moment to feel the peace on the river Vltava. Starting from the bridge Charles down the southwest of the city, you can just walk along the riverside trails located just watching the lovely scenery on both sides.


Skiing in Krkonose: November to February is the ski season in the Czech Republic. After about an hour bus ride from the center of Prague, you will come across a snowy curtain beautiful. Evening skiing when finished, there is nothing better than a hot bowl of soup in a cozy wooden house behind the mountains.


Discover local life: Once out of the crowded streets, take a moment to feel the life of the locals. Catch a train station 25 minutes from Masarykovo and stops at the nearest village. Unspoiled countryside scenery beautiful but is ideal for a quiet day. You can walk around the village, talk to the people to stop at a restaurant and order a cup of coffee pivo Czech style.


Enjoy traditional cuisine: You’re hungry but the restaurant is not crowded option or right now? Visit the deli – a kind of local store deli. It serves the typical dishes of Prague as fish, salad and bread grapes. No need to hurry, you can comfortably eat according to their preferences.


Canoe down the Vltava River: If you do not want to walk all the way along the river trail Vlata then catch a train to Český Krumlov located three hours south of the city and rent a rubber boat to explore the river. Along the way, you will encounter the spectacle of hundreds of other boats are floating on the water and was looking at the beautiful scenery Bohemian origin.


Station Visitors Center: Previously, Central Station is quite chaotic because it is a gathering place for many homeless. After a major reform, this station has become more modern and more civilized. It retains some of the old architecture which visitors can admire the towering dome like, brilliant glass doors and “Mother of Cities” – the portrait statues of women representing Prague.


Enjoy coffee and beer: Guests have to Prague can not ignore the cafes or pubs of the city. Café Slavia café is the largest-old Prague is located near the National Theatre. It used to be the gathering place of many politicians, artists, writers. Currently, Slavia were redesigned Art Deco style of the 1930s you find a seat, enjoy a drink and stunning views of the river.


Visiting Central Post Office: The post office is usually not crowded selected locations to visit. However, the stunning beauty of an ancient architectural works, Central Post Office Prague, close to Wenceslas Square, a few hundred meters to attract a lot of tourists to visit. Unlike other post offices, it is open 24 hours a day.


Visit Stalin monument: Monument to Stalin as a granite statue was completed on 01.05.1955, after more than 5 years of construction. This is the largest statue of Stalin simulation, but it was destroyed in 1962. Although no intact as in the beginning, this is still one of the most beautiful places of Prague.


Admire The baby was crawling in Žižkov: The focus area of the working people, living in the district of Žižkov is quite busy with lots of pubs and restaurants. Also, while standing in any place around Žižkov, visitors easily caught Žižkov TV Tower. One of the interesting things is the statue of the tower simulation images of babies are crawling upward spire.


Sunrise on Charles Bridge: The bridge old Charles is a familiar destination for anyone with the opportunity to come to Prague. The ideal time to visit this bridge is at dawn for the moment not too crowded. Bridge for pedestrians only, so you will easily catch sight of street artists performing on the bridge.


Visit Náměstí Miru station: Stage in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Prague faces the risk of a nuclear attack. So the city decided to build a metro station Náměstí Miru as a bomb shelter. Currently, Náměstí Miru station is one of the longest owned European elevator with travel time on the ground is more than two minutes.