Floating on the boat, sipping wine in the valley, to farm sheep or watching the city from a height of over 250 meters are the things you should not missed in Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bay Yacht round
To discover the city of Sydney, one of the first choices you should consider walking with Captain Cook Cruise yacht. With 2 hours of sailing, guests will moderate the party just went around the bay Sydney Habour, Sydney Habour Bridge wharf watching, the Opera House and the shores of residential construction. If you go in the morning, you will enjoy the Sydney sunshine and emerald green spaces of ocean; even if you go in the evening, the city will welcome you with sparkling scenery and vibrant lifestyle.
The trip is more interesting to special occasions such as Christmas, Vivid Festival (festival of lights), Show Boat (boat racing festival) … By that time both sides filled carnival atmosphere: house, restaurant flower decoration shop dazzling lights; series of art activities, sports racing takes place; tandem banquets true nature of endless festivities.


In particular the Captain Cook Cruise, yacht also has a special history. Captain Cook Cruise began serving Sydneysiders and tourists from the 70s of the last century; Some of the guests have the Pope in Australia, President, the Royal … The boat is named after James Cook – British explorer discovered the east coast of Australia, is the New South Wales city Sydney.

Time to walk around the Sydney Habour Bay is 2 hours / tour, departing at 6 Jetty Circular Quay with fares 77 AUD/person.

Enjoy wine in Hunter Valley

Sydney about 2 hours drive north of the Hunter Valley is a vast wine regions, more than 150 villages produce wine and lots of world famous wines, typical Hunter Valley.

There are 4 main grapes are grown here to make wine, including Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Verdelho grapes. All were soaked Pacific breeze and create unique flavors when making wine. White wine is the most popular wine Chardoney, with charming blend of grapes, oak aroma, taste and flavor peach ice cream. Red wine grapes are the most popular from Shiraz, the wine out of silky, full-bodied flavor of land, minerals and very sweet.


At Hope Estate Hunter Valley, which owns the best wine Australia chamber with 59 oak barrels of wine a fine, 4,500 liters of wine per container, filled with 6,000 bottles of wine, put on warm terracotta floor. With a capacity of 180 people, this is also a venue for weddings, family gatherings and banquets vintage.

Of course when visiting the Hunter Valley wine region, visitors can not miss the wine tasting formula of each garden and learn how to enjoy wine properly prepared: drink a glass cup thin, rounded cupped mouth; pour 1/5 cup chase maximum; gently shake before drinking according to your circle thickens alcohol, fragrance; While holding drink cups in the legs, to avoid the heat of the hands spread on the glass, losing smell alcohol. Wine tastings lunch also comes with light, including cesar salad, homemade garlic bread, fried squid, lamb spaghetti …

Guests can use the AAT Kings tour from Sydney to the Hunter Valley to go to ensure the quality and cost savings. This is the most prestigious service of Australia, was highly appreciated Trip Advisor.

Admission Hope Estate: 185 AUD/person.

As a shepherd in Tobruk

On the way from the Hunter Valley in Sydney, will be big omission if you ignore Tobruk Sheep Farm, located just Hawkesbury River valley, overlooking the beautiful Blue Mountains. Go to this place, to welcome you as the farmer jovial, who introduces and guides you to try once as a shepherd in the highlands.

Also see how farmers trained herding dogs, sheep and gather in parks fleece shaved, eyes watching performances fleece shaved. After “haircut”, each sheep lost about 2 kg fur, clean showered ready to warm spring. This activity of Tobruk Farm by Tourism New South Wales licensed to exercise, as it is tradition in the famous sheep farms, bringing true farm experience and fun for visitors.


Concluding the visit Tobruk, guests eat lunch typical Australian barbecue with beef with salad and baked potatoes. Additionally, you can enjoy tea sandwiches and Billy Damper. Damper Bread is offering guests special gifts from Australia highlands, cakes made with flour, salt and yeast, baking coal / ash hot crunchy crust. Bily tea is a traditional drink, cook in a device with straps hanging, enjoy the following way: put tea into the pot hung up, waited, then pulled out boiling water, quickly turning the leaf 3 laps to settle back and wait more cup of tea a few minutes before the small mug, add milk and sugar.

Visitors “eyes Sidney “
309m high, Sydney Tower Eye is the tallest tower in the heart of the city. Standing on top of the tower, panoramic out 4 side, you will gain a full panoramic sight in Sydney. In that harbor, Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach; all appear beautiful in the blue color of the ocean and the sky, or brightly as sunset falls, red dye space.


On the inside, the building is divided into four floors, from the top floor to admire the 3 storey dining, with 360 bar, revolving restaurant on the horizon look and Sydeney Tower Restaurant Buffet. Also, when you come here you can watch a 4D movie. Short film introducing Sydney’s first 4D movie experience here, bring your unique perspective about this city and make your move these days memorable.