Located at Adak, an island farthest south of Alaska, only 33 forest tree planting since World War II on a small hill.

Adak is situated in the beginning of the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA. The big wind, overcast sky and temperatures are low, only some items grasses and low dust flowers can live here. Especially as the group includes 33 tree still grow on a small hill. Main areas are deemed “national forests” of America’s smallest.

The pine trees were grown from World War II by the US military. This is an action to recover the spirit of the soldiers to do the task in the most remote places. They suffer and undergo various types of severe weather such as snow, rain, fog, sleet and mud. Meanwhile, the general commander of Buckner thinks the Christmas tree planted in 6000 on the island can help his soldiers more uplifting. So he was the initiator of the program between 1943 and planted in 1945.

Unfortunately, in the Aleutian weather so harsh to the point of the tree nor stand. There was only one time survived. However, some other trees are replanted and still continue to exist for years, formed a small forest envelops the other. In the early 1960s, someone had fun place to plug a poster here with content: “You are going into and out of the national forests Adak”.

Although the troops of General Buckner had organized the Christmas party or tree, this tree groups stems from the Christmas day is still special occasions Aleutian people. They come here and decorated the whole “forests” in December.