Bali Island in Indonesia


Bali is an Indonesian island located between Java Island to the west and Lombok to the east. This island has been regarded as “ Magical Island” for decades and it always attracts many visitors from all over the world with pristine rolling hills, crystal clear beaches with stretches of white sand, primeval tropical forests, beautiful terraced fields, …


More than that, visitors are also attracted by its long history and unique culture. Coming to Bali island, visitors will have chance to take part in unique religious festivals and go to some sacred, majestic temples,…


The list below will show you 10 famous destinations worth viewing when you come to Bali island:

  1. Borobudur temple
  2. Goa Gajah cave
  3. Bali Barat national park
  4. Batubulan village
  5. Kute beach
  6. Ubud – monkey island
  7. Sacred Tanal Lot temple
  8. Batur hill
  9. Tirtha Empul temple
  10. Pura Beasakih

Besides, if you have a chance to come to Bali island, you should visit terraced fields here: The terraced fields stretch over many hills, forming beautiful landscapes. From Ubud, you can rent a car to the central area of Bali, where people cultivate on the terraced fields. As the fields are located far away from tourist destinations, visitors can fully enjoy the peaceful beauty with impressive agricultural landscape of the island.


Snorkeling: Bali is a “paradise” and you certainly should not ignore diving when you are here. Out in the blue water with coral reefs and tropical fish, you have the opportunity to explore ancient ship sank beneath the sea Tulamben since the Second World War.


Enjoy a traditional dance: Drama and dance are the distinctive features of the local culture of the people of Bali. If lucky, you may catch a traditional dance during the festival days; or you can go to the theater for tourists to enjoy it. The most famous of these dances are the dance of Balinese people and Kecak Barong & Kris.


Strolling on the beach of Kuta – one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bali is also a good idea. If you’re a fan of the party on the beach, this is the ideal place for you because there are many shops, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The area became more crowded on the weekends and the peak months. Moreover, the food here is diversified, you can choose to east the traditional food, seafood or even Western and Asian food.