Bibury – Britain’s most beautiful villages

Dubbed as “Britain’s most beautiful village”, Bibury retain travelers five continents by idyllic beauty, serene but full of charm.


Bibury is a small village located in the Cotswold and peaceful poetic River Coln, Cirencester 10 km from the city of northeast.


A small corner of this popular village appeared inside the new UK passport. Thus, Bibury become one of the village was most pronounced in the world.


The village is famous for the house was built by the ancient sandstone existed for hundreds of years, with bold architecture ancient, peaceful Cotswold region. It seems the village is covered with a glossy dark brown.


To free village sank in a tone too deep, in some places, people Bibury to the growing vines clinging to the entire external wall, create a “paint” and unique natural green . Black of the houses, the green of the trees, the two main colors make up the unique charm of Bibury.


Being a writer, artist of the 19th century William Morris hailed as “the most beautiful villages of England”, Bibury is a place worth visiting for those who love photography. Transport connection with Bibury big cities are not yet sufficient to facilitate attachment legs travelers to this beautiful village.


The river has contributed greatly to create the unique beauty of the village of Bibury. Water flows through many crooked corner of the village with green grass banks of trees and leaves. The arched stone bridge spanning a small canal is one of the beauties should not be missed if you have the opportunity to visit Bibury.


Bibury including stone houses, painted honey typical British village architecture in the 17th century over the image location is at most Arlington Row, a consortium including stone tower from the 14th century , was re-formed housing for weavers in the 1600s.


The beauty of Bibury was a lot of directors included in cinematographic works, most notably becoming the context of two villages in the film “Stardust” and “Bridget Jones’s Diary.”

Bibury Tourist Attraction, The Cotswolds, England

Visitors to Bibury can rest in two hotels located right in the village with unique architecture, was built of stone and has a long history stretching for hundreds of years.


Everything, man, nature, space … all make the village oozes serenity and simplicity.