Burano island an ideal destination for all travelers

The bustling city of Venice Italy not far, but the island of Burano always make guests a sense of calm and strangely soothing.


Located Venice (Italy), about 7km north-east, on the island of Burano small town charm with out fairy house carrying rainbow bright, attractive and hard to resist for anyone arriving.


Located in the lagoon of Venice, Burano island with the majority of the citizens are fishermen. In the past, the colorful blocks brilliantly used as beacon for fishermen find their way home after a long day at sea.


Today, the island has become famous and become a paradise for photographers to unleash your talent.


Venice bustle, jubilantly busy how much, when up to Burano will find peace, quiet, life gauge hole drift as such should pay attention to what’s around.


These small houses with colorful serene beauty that visitors like entering a fairy tale …


In Burano no means of public transport such as trains or motor vehicles, the small streets are connected by large and small bridges, canals crossing the blue, reflection colorful blocks technicolor.


The main means that people use to move from Burano to the islands around the boat, canoe. They are anchored doorstep each.


Burano Island view from above.


A discerning travelers walking in Burano.


Not only is the wall color, every house here has always been picky owners decorated with flower pots, usually the color of the flowers and plants are always with the house’s colors.


Even without the massive structure, unique but peaceful Burano is such as miniature version of Venice with canals and ditches running along, cross streets.


These colorful little house from the green, yellow, orange glare, simple white or along the water channel is silhouetted against the impressive attractions that visitors never forget when you arrive Burano.