you can experience the feeling of “exploring the volcanic cloud on top”!

This is the trip to the volcano famous jade green and Mount Bromo Ijen world of Indonesia.

If you are an enthusiast shifted, ever so exploring the volcano became one of the bulleted list of “The trip must be made before 30 years”? Probably not everyone thought about exploring the volcano anyway, because there are so many lovely beaches, romantic highland mountains await, while volcanic heard and saw … a little dangerous. However, in many places, conquered the volcano became a rather expensive travel services Visitor. Near Vietnam, the country of thousands of islands beautiful Indonesian lot tour also very small serving tourists to conquer the crater. Per day, there are hundreds of tourists visit each famous crater in this country.


These are beautiful images taken by Goodwill – a name quite popular photography social network because of the excellent tourist image. Over 1 year ago, he had one volcano trekking trip for the first – to Rinjani in Lombok island (Indonesia). The trip was so impressed with him, so he decided to plan their next discoveries volcano. This time is the Ijen and Bromo volcano (Indonesia).

The trip takes six days, starting with Vietjet Air routes, transit in Malaysia and then ride to the Ijen night. First trekking itinerary aimed at Ijen volcano started from 2 am, lasted 3 hours. Upon arrival, you will feel overwhelmed immediately by emerald green lake on the crater of Ijen. The former is a wonder of the Ijen, and blue that is sulfur lava of the volcano.

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Day 3, he continues to conquer Mount Bromo journey. See the amazing nature of how, when has created a pan Bromo caldera super nice, a little beige petite village with vast sea of clouds immense. One side of the village, with majestic towering mountains, one side is the cloud – cloud flooded white sky.

Visit Bromo volcano, though the surface is relatively flat crater, but you also need to be careful when walking around here because there is no barrier. And also because’m right near the crater and then, should the sulfur smoke spiraling rises will probably make you dizzy, headaches due to sniff too much. So bring a mask, or do not stay too long crater offline.