Cat Ba Island: Where green jungle and sea meet

30km from Hai Phong, Cat Ba Island is a wonderful retreat after the chaos and stress.

Romantic islands, there is this beautiful tourist destination ideal for exploring and adventure because you just can have fun with the medium blue sea jungle explorers.

4 seasons transformation under heaven


Cat Ba is the largest island in the archipelago of 367 islands in Cat Ba. Known under the name of “Pearl of the Gulf”, as well as areas of Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve’s 3rd Vietnam, looks away as giant green carpet hides more mysterious and attractive. Cat Ba Island attracts visitors by unspoiled nature, cool weather (average temperature 25 degrees C), the healthy climate and charming scenery.

Is where the “encounter” of forests, islands, valleys and mysterious caves, Cat Ba Island is like paradise under the earth. Not too much to say that, Cat Ba satisfy enthusiasts who love the forest and the sea. Cat Ba beautiful year round. Each season will bring to this island for tourists of different emotions as “revealed” the strange sights and beautiful.

Next spring, Cat Ba Island exudes youthful dreamer breath inside the rain drizzle, heady floral fly from Cat Ba National Park. Lower on bringing excitement to the beach bustling, crowded. Autumn, to put on her Cat Ba of reality, feminine young woman. Still the sun, blue sea, the blue waves but sunbeams and no harsher than, for example, adding a quiet sea, shining gold. East arrived, everything was enveloped, embraced in the early mist or haze dawn lãng, “textile” landscape painting should have a very private romantic nature.

Foreign tourists usually visit Cat Ba island in November to March next year, while domestic visitors prefer to come here during the period from April to May 10. Nearby Despite all year round, but in the experience of many people, the time most appropriate to explore Cat Ba island in June, July.

Pristine bay


Cat Ba Island is not only quiet wave beaches, clean, beautiful sandy shores exciting as Cat Co 1, 2 and 3, Tung Thu beach but also the Lan Ha bay arc picturesque. Bring the “breath” of Halong Bay to the small island between the sea undulating, Lan Ha Bay also owns what no Halong Bay. It’s a small island with few sandy beaches in the foothills of the stone. All Lan Ha Bay islands are covered with trees, even the very small island.



On Lan Ha Bay also Cai Beo floating village is inhabited by more than 200 families, “fisherman” at sea all year round to find a livelihood. The house was built on the buoy, which looks nothing sure yet still successive “proliferation” year after year, make up the “fishing village” has a lifetime of several thousand years. Guests will have the opportunity to visit interesting and admire the floating house floating on the sea.

Vietnam Hai Fishing Village

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From Lan Ha Bay, tourists visit Vietnam to Shanghai to visit the harbor fishing village situated between the sea acres of green, high mountains and jungles of Cat Ba National Park. The first impression that is a peaceful fishing village, rural daily life of the people remain self-sufficient as from ancient times. Guests will enjoy the green space, airy, fresh of the sea, deep green forests.

Adventure in the primeval forests


Go to Cat Ba National Park, go hiking, or cycling on regular roads themselves squeezed between the trees to fully enjoy feeling happy sublimation no longer worry about. You may encounter the rare animals like monkeys in the forest red-headed, snub … and tasting natural products such as wild honey here, tea roses …


Cat Ba National Park is famous with rich flora and fauna and pristine. You will be immersed in a green space as endless stretches, covered up the green mountainside, every tree that you quickly regain the peace, quiet for the soul. Mysterious caves, ponds Frog – a freshwater lake located between the old forest in Cat Ba National Park is also tourist attractions not to be missed.