Come to Costa Rica, tourists not only admire the beauty, but also enjoy the wonderful life here: people, culture …


Costa Rica is a small country with many wonderful beaches. You can walk on the sand, swim, sunbathe or delight in the beautiful beaches.


Guests like hiking, nature enthusiasts and photographers will be delighted with the green mountains of Costa Rica. Alternatively, you can reach the beautiful waterfall and the river flowing around it.


A trip to the Feria, or a farm that will make you feel great fruit here. It is a refreshing sweet and extremely strange tastes with extremely cheap prices.


Despite accounting for only 0.03% area of the earth’s surface, Costa Rica has 5% of the biodiversity of the earth. A trip to the national park Manuel Antonio will help you be able to experience the biodiversity with many species such as parrots, pandas, monkeys and some other special animals.


Tourists love to explore will be delighted with Moteverde cloud forests. They can walk on the tall tree, soak up the atmosphere moist, cold, and dense foliage cover around.


Like many Latin American countries, Costa Rica meals often have rice and beans. Gallo Pinto – most famous dish is a breakfast country made of rice, beans, cilantro, peppers, onions and Lizano sauce.


The town in Costa Rica is home to the beautiful architecture, the cafe is very interesting and friendly people. This is where the real culture of Costa Rica found.


Costa Rica is home to many volcanoes and one of them is Arenal’s touristy town La Fortuna. Volcano has not flowed few years ago but it is still a landscape to watch and you can feel the heat of its magnitude in many hot springs around the mountain.


Costa Rica has a lot of national pride, which can be seen in many traditional celebrations and takes place across the country. The annual pilgrimage to the Basilica in Cartago big can come close to two million people, and the national horse parade takes place the day after Christmas, with the participation of horse enthusiasts from all over country.


The slogan of the people of Costa Rica as “Puravida”, literally means “pure life”. People Costa very friendly and cheerful. They always bring a spiritual life full of optimism and love.