Discover the unique architecture of the village Popeye

Right from the first glance, the Popeye village looked like abandoned homes. However, it really is a place where you never thought can be found in the real world.

Popeye Village in Malta island nation nestled in a small corner of Europe, to the northwest of the Mediterranean also known as Sweethave, is the ideal destination for children, families and tourists passionate sets cartoons of Popeye.


In 1980, the village was media conglomerate’s Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney studios America used to shoot the film Popeye by comedian Robin Williams starred in charge. If coming to Europe, necessarily you should not ignore this village in Malta Popeye. Because this is the perfect place to admire the wooden houses, pubs, the pattern of all the main characters in children Popeye cartoon popular in the 1960s even if there is opportunity, you can also get to meet real people act sailors Popey, she Olive OYL, Bluto, Swee’Pea, or Wimpy…


Along admire the unique architecture of the village with 19 buildings Popeye made from thousands of wooden planks imported from the Netherlands and Canada. Currently the village is being viewed as an outdoor museum, an amusement park for children in service and their families.


Both villages are built in the style of the 1920s, giving visitors a real sense of entering the world of Popeye.


It did not have to spend every 7600 liters of paint to turn 19 bungalows in the village into the real world animation.


To protect the village under the action of the sea, it has built a large jetty in Anchor Bay.