Emirates Palace is world-renowned for its luxurious surroundings, royalty service,ect…Whether you are visiting Abu Dhabi on business, celebrating a special occasion or taking a well-deserved family vacation, you will find an unrivalled selection of luxury suites to accommodate all your needs with Emirates Palace special offers.


Emirates Palace is located the heart of in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirate Arab Emirates (UAE). The building was designed by architect, John Elliott RIBA and came into operation in 11th,July,2005. There are a 394 bedrooms of all kinds in total. Emirate Palace often welcomes heads of state, diplomats, the aristocracy, business tycoons and entertainment stars and  professional sport stars all over the world.

Although it is a 8 floor- hotel rather than a skyscraper, the building has a total area of 1 km with the  floor area of approximately 850.000m2, which is known as a record number of space while that of Queen’s Buckingham Palace in London is just 77.000m2.


Emirates Palace is sourrounded by a beautiful green park with an area of up to 1,000 hectares, which is a magnificent garden  planting 8,000 palm trees and a variety of plants around the world.  The park has more than 100 fountains in all shapes and sizes. All aforementioned things contribute to the adornment of the hotel. During daytime, the hotel’s golden-sandy colour contrasts with its fresh green gardens, silvery water fountains and the blue sky. At night, the hotel’s lighting changes subtly, featuring a majestic rainbow-changing effect over the main dome.


It takes tourists about 15 minutes to drive a car to the imposing building University Sheikh Zayed Mosque rising up in the sky. this is the third largest mosque in the world. It welcomes an average of 40,000 worshipers and visitors to visit or take part in a ceremony per day.


Emirates Palace also offers a sun-drenched beach with white sand stretcheing up to 1,3km,  a 6,4km- running route, 2 large outdoor swimming pools  and an underground parking lot accomodating up to 2,500 cars of all kinds.


Emirates Palace is the iconic Abu Dhabi landmark , a place which was once a small fishing village 50 years ago and now is a change for the better thanks to the existence of one of the largest oil fields of in the world.


In the heart of Emirates Palace is the small world of miniture roads and mazes from the reception hall to the system of bedrooms. on each floor are hotel staffs wearing luxurious uniforms and they are willing to fulfill every wish no mater what time it is with a warm greetings.


Emirates Palace also has 6 different styles of suites, ranging from 1 to 3 bedroom suites with views of the sea or city. It itself offers magnificent views over the Arabian Gulf, which can also be admired from the Diamond Rooms. Our other luxury hotel rooms, the Pearl Rooms, enjoy views of the tropical garden, sparkling pools and stretches of golden sandy beach, while the Coral Rooms overlook the Abu Dhabi skyline and the landscaped gardens of Emirates Palace.

All bedrooms at the Emirates Palace show the harmony of  the Arab architecture and the world’s most modern equipment. Walls are made of several kinds of extremely valuable  marble given from 13 different countries around the world. The main central building houses an expansive marble floor and a large patterned dome above, picked out in gold. The topmost floor has six Rulers’ Suites which are reserved solely for royalty and dignitaries.The hotel also contains a large conference centre with an auditorium capacity of 1100, in addition to over 40 meeting rooms and six large terraces.


The Emirates Palace Spa Abu Dhabi will instantly transport you to another realm, experience exquisite relaxation thanks to purely indulgent packages that aim to ignite a sense of balance and serenity.A variety of lavish massages, beauty and body treatments with gold, pearl and caviar are on offer, including the signature Palace Massage. The coveted Gentlemen’s Tonic Exclusive Club gives members limited access to a world of pampering and grooming services.


All things considered, Emirates Palace offers a truly magical experience, uncompromising indulgence and a lasting memory you will always treasure.