A trip to discover Marrakech, Morocco integrity will not if you do not experience the feeling of sitting on a camel’s back. And one of the streets with camel’s Nearby Palm Grove, green lungs in the city outskirts of Marrakech.


Palm Grove area, the center of the city of Marrakech, about 30 minutes north, extends over 130km2 with 150,000 palm trees watered by an underground pipe system connecting more than 350 wells called “khettara”.

The system enables a very long time to get sucked underground water to the surface.

Set amidst palm trees peaceful oasis in bustling Marrakech is the gateway to many major hotels mixture of luxury villas. And the dense palm forest is more fruit trees like oranges, pomegranates interspersed few cool eye vast gardens …


Upstream history in the early 12th century, when the royal army of Berber Almoravid entering Marrakech Palm Grove they had created this city lies a few kilometers.

At that time, some species of palm trees are revered when viewed as a symbol of life and fertility. Plant density allows people to avoid heat efficiently. And today Palm Grove is an expression of the natural heritage and tourism Morocco for simultaneously combining a spectacular natural urbanization and ultra-modern.

In recent years, Palm Grove is one of the unusual stretch of road travelers choose the most when coming to Marrakech.

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To enjoy the green space Palm Grove, travelers often look to the vehicle as a car, bike or carriage which is very popular in Marrakech.

But the experience of many travelers, scenic Palm Grove from on camelback always brings a unique feeling of relaxation compared to the other traditional means.


Journey enjoy camel at Palm Grove has many price and depending on the provider, the journey time from 30 minutes to several hours.

But the journey from one hour and a half to two hours enough for you to touch completely different beauty through lush green palm groves, Marrakech surrounding fields and soak up the local culture in the ancient village of sesame.

On the roads for more than 20km, the camel will take you explore the nooks of the local village with clay oven, the construction works in terracotta from hundreds of years ago, passing through the forest towering palms, the luxury hotel, the splendid residence but if lucky, you may be confronted with the world’s celebrities resort here!


Among the peripheral discovery journey by camel Marrakech’s most expensive hotel also offers merchants track road through the villages delegation centuries ago.

When participating in various Palm Grove contemplate on camelback, you may be offered a traditional costume of the desert nomads. And with how to dress like a true Berber, you will easily integrate into the daily activities of local people at the village stop in the area.


If you have time, you can negotiate with the camel guide to crossing the dunes, explore the nearby Ourika valley.

On the way, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a cup of fragrant mint tea, sip honey sandwiches at a local Berber population between natural scenery enchanting desert of southern…