I have a brief trip visiting Melbourne encapsulated in one day. Journey mainly sitting on the tram but it was enough, “surf” through multiple major destinations in the city.


Most feel the climate is harsher Sydney Melbourne but airy street, large and somewhat quaint homes than Sydney.

In Melbourne, the media and the public transport service is very good, especially the subway system still works very effectively.

In the eyes of a traveler, Melbourne tram reminds me of an ancient Hanoi not well with electric cars run tinkling. That is the spirit the old town, where my childhood was repeated under the same family traveling on the bus was running slowly.

Melbourne is not noisy, boisterous like many other tourist cities. Besides the modern newer cars, antique tram system is still being maintained. Of course only the name but the car ran very well and very clean.


Not only tourists, many locals still choose electric cars for the trip on their own, from work to go play …

Like many other residents when to Melbourne, to visit the city I chose a gentle transport most favorable to a quick visit in a day.

The first destination is a main station right downtown. I climbed the ancient tram called “City Circle Tram” – a kind of classic cars, old designs are produced where and hear seeking the 1920s.

Very easy to distinguish because the car is painted dark brown with yellow borders and letters emulsion. Once in the car, you will get a stern uncle with polite reception dress.


The driver will just control just introduced the car will point to, the architecture, landscapes that vehicle will pass, and always happy to answer any questions yet take the train (of course in English accent Australia).

This tram runs through the main streets of Melbourne as Flinders, Spring, Latrobe and Spencer Streets, every 10 minutes there is a trip.

Whether visitors can sit for hours and use this trip many times for several days without paying any fees, since this is one of the buses in conservation programs and introduce tourism Melbourne.


With the advantage of totally free, winter heating car very well … so most tourists and students in Melbourne have chosen this ride. So the tourist season or peak hours, if the car in the desert, then sew the remaining seats, and not wait patiently, to any station they hope somebody down … maybe stretching the truth .

City Circle Tram Besides running around Melbourne free tickets, there are kinds of Green Tram (Blue) running through the streets in the center and the regions beyond. It is also the ancient Green Tram still be maintained in parallel with modern electric vehicles.

Guests can choose to go both modern electric vehicles and archaic by buying cards. You can buy the card at retail stations or purchase tickets on the vehicle. Just remember to prepare change.


Melbourne is a city with the largest tram system in the world. Electric vehicles (also called tram) is an integral part in Melbourne with rail and underground lines interlaced – overhead.


Traffic in Melbourne mainly trains, trams (tram), car, bicycle and pedestrian. Few sight motorcycles.

With the kind of trams, buses will have to pay the price charged by regions (zone), ie zone 1 area size for 3.7 AUD 4.4 AUD one way and two-way ticket. If you determine you should buy a ticket to go many weeks, calculate the savings over buying individual will.