Africa also has the world’s best hotel, luxury tours, not only poverty, diseases and dangerous as many people think.

Africa is a place that visitors most misunderstood world. Surely here is not only poverty, war, plague as still many people think. No less phượt also put African players to the list must come once in a lifetime. Here are some of the most common myths about Africa.


Africa many criminals and dangerous

The sensational information about the carjacking victim in Johannesburg (South Africa), theft in Nairobi (Kenya) and piracy off Somalia is the first impression of many people when thinking of Africa.

But the murder rate in Africa has halved since the 1990s and according to the United Nations, Africa is still less dangerous than in Central and South America. Most thefts involve the socio-economic problems and often occur in areas where people or caught off guard as the club night or when you are out of the hotel at 3am. Visitors to Africa are encouraged to use the tour of tourist companies to ensure efficient journeys, safe.

In addition, the recommendations seriously excessive governments have also made many travelers look wrong on crime situation here.

Shanny Hill, marketing manager of the company that organizes cycling tours Trans Africa, said: “During the past 14 years, most visitors have responded that their perception of Africa is not the same as reality. The Africans are very friendly throughout the journey “.


The epidemic raging in Africa

Ebola has been controlled in the continent and the disease is limited in some West African countries such as Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone. In fact, Europe and South America are much Ebola outbreak near tourist attractions in Africa. Guests need to learn practical rather accurate guesses under the misconception.

For HIV / AIDS, which reduce the number of people infected and treatment of people is increasing rapidly. Education, prevention and awareness of HIV and many other diseases have also been enhanced. Most of the visitors here are providing essential drug list, such as anti-malarial drugs.


Cost explore wild nature very costly

There is enough to discover the appropriate forms with the budget. The senior tour to Africa was only equivalent price you backpacker in Europe. Because of the tour have included all meals, hotel, insurance, domestic flights, transportation and fees to the national park.

You can not ask for cheap chic eco-hostel, built in the outback, wild. Much of the cost is used for conservation, anti-poaching, care and study of wildlife.

African hotels substandard West

Travel magazine Travel + Leisure fame published a list of the world’s finest hotels, including 20 hotels in Africa. It has many 5 star hotels as Prota Group, Serena Hotel, tsogo Sun, Wilderness Safari Lodges and Beyond & Sun International.


The hotel and restaurant in Africa has its own standards. You should openly accept and discover exciting surprises in local hotels small scale.