The most amazing thing of tourism Kyoto

Japanese ancient capital like the symphony of traditional cultures with temples, palaces and 17 world cultural heritage, the arts, music, unique modern cuisine.


Kyoto Tower sparkling at night, one of the favorite destinations of tourists. Travel & Leisure poll this is the best city in the world in 2015. The number of annual visitors to Kyoto is continuously increasing. The city aims to reach 3 million foreign tourists with money to spend $ 12 billion by the time the Olympic Games take place in Japan in 2020.


Kiyomizu-dera Temple House is one of the favorite tourist place.


Yudofu (boiled tofu) is one of the specialties at Kyoto. Beans are boiled with vegetables and seaweed water in ceramic pots. The ideal place to enjoy this dish is around Nanzen-ji, where natives still call Nanzen-ji-dofu dishes.


Golden Pavilion is Kyoto’s most famous sights.


Kyoto also has the unique modern architecture. This house is a testament.


Many visitors flock to the temple to admire Hodonin romantic autumn when the trees change color.


In the spring, two cherry trees along the river scrambling Okazaki bloom, attracting many tourists from Japan and international visit.


Sagano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto was seen as one of the world’s most beautiful forests.


Nishiki 400 years old Souk selling everything from fresh fish, to the kind of donut sake. To go all the travelers market would take up to several hours.


Kyoto International Manga Museum is a joint project between the city of Kyoto and Kyoto Seika University. Guests here will enjoy the Japanese manga series and the students will have the opportunity to study art history here.


Derived from the 9th century, the annual Kyoto Gion Festival is one of three biggest festivals in Japan. The festival is part of the ritual sacrifice the gods created the fire, earthquakes and floods.