These points have fun when traveling to Brunei

Brunei may be unfamiliar to many tourists, but the country is peaceful and wealthy always contain interesting things.

Jame Asr Mosque Bolkiah


Brunei is a Muslim country should set this place so much beautiful mosques. You should visit one of the typical places to explore, such as Jame Asr Bolkiah. You take bus route number 1 will reach Jame Asr Bolkiah, not far from the center. This 23-year-old temple is sacred analogy a number of Muslims in Brunei, this place is always crowded worshipers to prayer. Jame Asr Bolkiah’s beauty comes from 29 sparkling gold-plated dome, from the sumptuous architecture, from the shimmering of the light emitted at night or the exquisite hand embroidered carpets imported from the Arab world …

Tasek Lama Recreational Park


Natural beauty of Brunei clearly visible through the gardens or waterfalls cuisine at Tasek Lama Recreational. Here, you can walk, relax, even yoga. Tasek Lama Recreational entrance is quite small and can cause you to get lost, but if you were to arrive, then you will not want to leave this place. The designer has created for Tasek Lama Recreational, with an area no greater, a natural space almost absolute. Note you may not bring food or pets in this garden.

Kg Kianggeh market


Foods, fruits and foods rich in Brunei will be sold mostly in Kg Kianggeh market. The ideal is to visit in the morning, when people here shopping to preparing meals for the family. Kg Kianggeh market, you never saw the agitated capital of the typical market area. Rather it is a slow, gentle tranquility. Brunei is one of 10 countries with per capita income highest in the world, but consumer prices Kg Kianggeh market is not expensive at all. The seller is also very pleasant. You can try to comfort food.

Royal Regalia Museum


Impressive throughout the Royal Regalia museum is the lavish lifestyle of the Royal Brunei members. The museum records the history moments, important events, or simply as objects attached to the Royal Brunei, which is typical of the kind of the reign of Brunei. You will be overwhelmed by the luxuries of royal life in this country. You have to footwear outside if you want to visit by all carpets or marble here are spotlessly clean. Even the phone wallet is not brought in.

Jerudong Theme Park


Tasek Lama Recreational While the peace it brings in Jerudong Theme is feeling fun by Jerudong Theme park entertainment. Lots of fun games on land or underwater are ready to bring joy to you with very cheap prices. Many people have said that if there is only one day, the more likely you will not be able to play all the games at Jerudong Theme.

Gadong Night Market


If Kg Kianggeh market that sells fruit snack food items are at the Gadong night market is the delicious dishes of meat and fish fragrant. The typical seafood of Brunei plus scorpions or grilled insects are sold in Gadong. Here busiest is 7 pm, people from all directions to Gadong, from tourists to local people to enjoy the food but on site very clean, eye-catching. Prices really makes you astonished: only 1 to 4 dollars for a dish Brunei.

The Mall shopping district


Shopping is an indispensable choice for any trips. But in Brunei, you pretty hard to figure out the branded paradise. In fact, The Mall is almost the only option for you to buy fashion items class. The Mall is located across the street modest Gadong, alternating between numerous hotels and restaurants. At The Mall, perhaps more appropriate that you buy items that bear the characteristics of Brunei.